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The Sheraton Birmingham Purchases & Donates Entire Wish List to Local Nonprofit Better Basics

 The Sheraton Birmingham is pleased to have both purchased and donated a local nonprofit's entire wish list. A total of 550 children's books have been bought and donated to Better Basics, a local organization dedicated to children's reading and mathematical literacy in Birmingham, AL. For 28 years, Better Basics has served students in underserved communities in Jefferson County with grassroots-level efforts provided by part-time certified teachers and trained volunteers. 

The Sheraton Birmingham values the importance of community involvement and philanthropic efforts to support our local community. Donations to Better Basics make a significant difference in the lives of at-risk children, from birth through 12th grade. 

The Sheraton Birmingham will reopen its doors for the first time in 18 months on Friday, October 1, 2021. Over 380 guest rooms have been redesigned and renovated to elevate our hotel guests' experience. To  mark the occasion, the hotel has partnered with Better Basics through a donation of books, including stories of African American heroes and heroines. 

"Sheraton Birmingham has strong ties to the Birmingham community, and we are excited to partner with Better Basics, to donate books to children in Jefferson County," says Steve Miller, Sheraton Birmingham General Manager. All the books will go directly to children in underserved neighborhoods.

Statistics show that proverty levels and illiteracy rates directly correlate. 61% of low-income families do not have books available for their children at home. Children growing up in homes with at least twenty books get an additional three years of schooling than children from bookless homes, despite their parents' education, occupation, or class. 

The Sheraton Birmingham is excited for this partnership with Better Basics, as well as officially opening their doors directly preceding the first-ever football game at Protective Stadium this weekend. 




Leigh Ellen Brummerhoff

Sheraton Birmingham

Complex, Director of Sales & Marketing


Alissa Boone

Better Basics

Director-Development and Communications


Katy Knauss


(205) 458-8428

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