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Legacy Arena at the BJCC
Legacy Arena at the BJCC


Monday Sep 30 2024


7:00 pm

Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red, born Janae Wherry, is a dynamic rapper and songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri. Emerging from the city’s vibrant hip-hop scene, she quickly gained attention with her bold lyrics, catchy beats, and unapologetic persona. Sexyy Red’s breakout single, “Pound Town,” showcased her raw talent and street-smart flair, earning her a loyal fanbase and significant online buzz. Known for her distinctive voice and confident delivery, she has collaborated with notable artists and continued to release tracks that resonate with her growing audience. With a fearless attitude and a knack for storytelling, Sexyy Red is carving out her niche in the music industry, representing her roots while pushing the boundaries of modern rap.




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