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Vendor Opportunities at the BJCC in Birmingham, AL

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex provides opportunities to suppliers and contractors that can provide the best material, supplies, and services at the best value for our facility. The BJCC is committed to offering opportunities to those seeking a successful partnership.

Vendor Programs

Minority Vendor Program - Mission Statement

The mission of the minority-owned business program is to ensure that minority-owned businesses have equal access and participation in the competitive bid process.

Minority Vendor Program - Details of Program

  1. Encourage department managers to include minority vendors in all bid requests.
  2. Maintain a comprehensive directory of minority-owned businesses.
  3. Pass all construction bids through the Birmingham Construction Industry Authority.
  4. Advertise bids in newspapers.

Open Bids

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Bid Title

Sheraton Hotel Signage – Addendum 1

Sheraton Hotel Signage




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The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex is publicizing this information as a public service. By providing this information, the BJCC hopes to raise interest in competitive bidding on BJCC contracts. Information may be removed at any time. The BJCC does not warrant that the information contained on this site regarding proposals or quotes is thorough or reliable, although efforts will be made to ensure reliability.

For the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date information, the BJCC encourages prospective business partners to consult a BJCC Purchasing Manager.

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